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From your home country
on the conditions for leaving the country.

Are you from France?
Because of the circulation of the Covid-19 and its variants,
all entry and exit from the French territory are controlled. As part of the strategy to reopen French borders, a classification of countries/territories is defined and regularly updated by the French government, according to the sanitary situation.

Terms and conditions for travel by green, orange and red countries ©

Terms and conditions for travel by green, orange and red countries ©

As of today (July 1, 2021), the classification is as follows:

  • Green countries and territories (including France) >
    No virus circulation and no variants of concern identified.
  • Orange countries and territories (including Morocco) >
    Virus activity in controlled proportions, without diffusion of variants of concern.

  • Red countries and territories >
    Active circulation of the virus with a worrying presence of variants.

To obtain the complete list or the update of the countries according to their classifications, please go to the section “ travel advice – practical information ” of the website .

To find out how to leave,
go to the section “Moving to/from a country in the orange zone” by clicking on this link.

Are you from another country?
Depending on your location, please check with your government about the health measures in effect regarding departure conditions from your territory.

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Upon arrival in Morocco on the
sanitary measures in place.

The Moroccan authorities have announced the gradual resumption of flights as of June 15, 2021 according to a classification of countries into two lists A and B.

List A :ountries with positive indicators such as United Nations member states that are not mentioned in list B.
List B :Countries with a spread of variants or lack of accurate statistics on the epidemiological situation.

Modalities Morocco list A and list B

Conditions of access to Morocco – List A and B ©

Entering Morocco from another country

Entering Morocco from another country ©

Are you from France?
If you come from France, go to the “Advice by country/destination – Morocco” section of the website or find the press release on the website for more information.

Are you from another country?
This Tuesday, July 06, 2021 at 23:59, new conditions of entry come into effect, to learn more, thank you to consult this complete article, from medias 24.

These lists are regularly updated on and

Morocco’s sanitary measures

Up-to-date vaccination and/or
negative PCR test

Temperature measurement

Wearing a mask
is mandatory

Provision of hydroalcoholic gel

Regular hand washing for 20s

Cough or sneeze
into your elbow

Respect of the social distances of 1,5m

Avoid contact gestures
and braces